A Loving and Dignified Tribute To Your Horse

Connecticut Horse Cremation

For us horse owners losing your horse can be as significant as losing a member of the family. But too often our last moments spent with our horse doesn't measure up to the life we spent together. Connecticut Horse Cremation offers a humane and dignified alternative to transport and cremate your horse.

We respect and honor your horse by only moving them through the use of our customized cradle system which can accommodate any size horse. The enclosed trailer we have designed is self propelled and able to get through a gate into a paddock or turnout. The trailer allows us access to your horse and gently pickup using our cradle system.

All cremations are private and intact. With the largest state of the art equipment we are able to cremate any horse, even over 3000 pounds.

All returns are personally hand delivered back to their family in a custom wood urn or scatter/burial bags. We will accommodate any special wishes you may have for you beloved horses final arrangements.

We serve the entire northeast region and are available 24/7, 365 days a year with never any additional charges. We will also schedule ourselves to be available for a planned euthanasia with your veterinarian.

For payments we accept all major credit cards, checks and cash.
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